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The practice offers the following clinics


Lead GP/Nurse






Dr Mason & 

Friday am 

Annual Review Clinic

Nurses Davies & Ross


Wart & Verruca

Nurses Davies, Stewart  & Ross

Weekly Thursday pm

Minor Surgery

Drs Mason, Hay
& Ruwan

Alternate Mondays  

Bladder Assessment


By arrangement



Tuesday, Wednesday 
and Thursday

COPD Spirometry

 Nurse Ruth Davies

Weekly Tuesday am

Diabetic Clinic 

Clinic secretary's number 449 8633

The diabetic clinic is usually held on a Friday morning. Dr Mason and The Practice Nurses run the clinic. The aim of the clinic is to help improve the control of patients with Diabetes and to look for and minimise the potential complications of the disease. Patients who attend the practice clinic can expect to be called for an Annual Review in their birthday month.

The clinic can also provide educational material for patients and their carers.

Annual Review

Clinic Secretary's Number 449 8616

This is a nurse led clinic, which operates on weekday mornings between 08.30 and 11.30. Nurses Ruth and Sarah are the nurses involved with the clinic with support from a GP.

Any person who taks Apixiban medication, has a diagnosis of Angina, COPD ,Stroke or who has had a heart attack will be invited to attend this clinic for a yearly check. The appointment lasts around 20 minutes during which time the nurse will discuss the results of any blood tests done prior to coming to the clinic, do a blood pressure check and discuss any medication the patient may or should be taking. Diet and lifestyle advice will be offered and the patient will have the opportunity to discuss any queries they may have.

Blood Tests




Blood Sugar level




A measure of the average sugar level 
over 2-3 months



A measure of Kidney function



A measure of Fats in the blood


Function Tests

A check on the thyroid gland

Other Tests





Body Mass Index


Blood Pressure

Important to keep this normal to 
reduce complications

Visual Acuity


A test of Eyesight


Drops are put 
in the eyes 
for this test

A check on the blood vessels at the 
back of the eyes – done at optician


Foot Pulses

A check on the Circulation

Foot Sensation

Using a

A check on the Nerves


Sample of Urine


 Wart and Verruca

Unfortunately due to a large demand for the clinic there is currently a 10-12 week waiting time. Therefore we have put together some information to help you treat your wart / verruca at home.

Firstly there is no guaranteed treatment that will remove warts or verrucae. Most will disappear by themselves within one or two years. Some disappear in children within 6 months. It may be necessary to try several different treatments before the warts disappear.

  How to treat your wart at home

Duct tape is a simple method of treating warts on hands:

Cut a piece of tape the same size as your wart and stick on.

Leave for 6 days and then remove at night. Gently rub with an emery board and leave tape off overnight.

Apply another piece of duct tape and leave for another 6 days.

If the skin under the tape becomes red and soggy stop using tape for a few days. Continue this routine for 2 months.

There are a number of over the counter solutions available at local pharmacies, most of these contain Salicylic Acid and some also contain Lactic Acid. The acids do not attack the virus that causes the wart. It simply removes some of the warty tissue so the body’s natural recovery process has less to do. The result is unpredictable and treatment may take longer in some cases.

When using over the counter treatments remember the following points:

  • Always rub the wart/verruca with a pumice stone or emery board gently before applying solution.
  • Before applying solution soak wart in warm water for 2 mins. This will encourage solution to penetrate wart.
  • Always dry skin – using own towel – thoroughly before applying solution.
  • Apply solution to wart taking care not to get solution on surrounding skin.
  • Allow to dry then cover with a sticky plaster.
  • Be consistent with treatment. This is very important!

The Clinic

Should you need to make an appointment at the wart clinic we will treat the wart/ verruca using CRYOTHERAPY. This involves spraying the wart/verruca with very cold liquid nitrogen. A blister may form following treatment, followed by a scab, which will fall off after a week to 10 days. You may need several treatments and may find it very painful. We  do not recommend it for children under 10 years of age.

CLICK HERE to download our Wart Clinic Information leaflet

Minor operations: Drs Mason, Hay and Ruwan

These are carried out on alternate  Monday mornings between 10.30 and 12 noon. Drs  Mason and Ruwan  perform minor procedures such as the removal of skin lumps, skin lesions, in-grown toenails and eye cysts. There is a health care assistant  in attendance at all times to assist the doctor

All patients are requested to see their own GP for assessment.


There is a community midwife based at the health centre. As soon as your pregnancy is confirmed she will provide you with all the care and information you will require to have a happy, healthy pregnancy. During your pregnancy she arranges informal Parenthood Educational Evenings where mums and dads come together to share knowledge and experiences. The midwife’s booking clinic is held on a Tuesday afternoon. Ante-natal classes are held each Wednesday afternoon and Thursday Morning. She will visit you in your home following the birth of your baby until the baby is ten days old.

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